Since The Pandemic, Many Hair Salons Have Gone Extinct... 

Have you ever wondered why SALON owners were taught that 50% for staff is NOT acceptable, but 50% or less for "RETAIL PRODUCT" is? 

Look at the Facts:

2,284 Beauty Firms have closed shop

3,309 Salons have shut down or gone out of business

And because of their failure... 12,998 Employees have lost their jobs. 

It is estimated that only 7% of hair salons actually make a profit. 

A Study revealed that Hair Salon Owners work 60 hours per week. The industry average of turnover ratio is 33% and growing since the pandemic, making it difficult to create consistency between stylist and client base. The rise of corporate salon suites, franchises and online retailers is being built on the blood, sweat and tears of owners who spend years training and growing service providers into highly knowledgable revenue producers.

More products and sales are coming from online retailers, big box retail stores and other retail outlets than ever before. Which means you have to wear multiple hats like working yourself to the bone behind the chair, marketing your salon, responding to customers, recruiting, training and managing staff, inventory and trying to manage budgets, leaving you with little time for take care of your health and family let alone your mental well being. 

If you pay 50% for product, then 5% to ship it to you, 5% on processing charges, 10% commission PLUS its share for rent for the space it takes up plus staff pay to answer questions about it and ring it up... you're left with practically nothing. 

Then what do you have to do with your "profit?" 

BUY MORE INVENTORY. It's ridiculous!

The retail sales decline is really a symptom of a much larger problem that finds its roots in a well-known marketing axiom.

An axiom that, over the last 8-10 years, has really been ignored because of the almost instant success of the online and supermarket model of selling retail products to clients.

You know what I am talking about... the "carry 3-5 nationally recognized product lines and the clients will come looking for the products" model that many salons have adopted since the late 90's.

Well, this model is now broken.

But does that mean that we need to forget about retail sales ever increasing again? The answer is no. If you just get back to the proven principles of the axiom called"product differentiation."

Look, the reason that clients no longer buy salon retail products in great numbers is because most of them have no idea of the differences between a "Professional" shampoo and a retail store shampoo! If the client has no idea about the "value" of the product then they fall back on the only thing that they do know and that is PRICE.

So today, clients are opting to go online or to their local supermarkets to buy the generic brands of the world rather than buy the "professional" products.

Lucky For You, There's a Solution!

Your team must be educated on the differences of what is "IN" the products which will take your stylists to a new level of professionalism and create a point of difference for your salon.
Knowing and understanding what is in the products creates a higher level of sophistication and training that sets your team apart from competitors like those found online and in the corporate franchises. 

IFind a line like ours "SAIJOJO" that is highly exclusive, offers up to a
TRIPLE markup (so more pay for you AND more commission for your staff at the same
time), works wonders, is incredibly high quality and clients (as well as staff) LOVE the
results… and you're all set. Products can be a hidden profit center that nearly every
competitor of yours is overlooking. Most places even advertise for the product
companies by highlighting their product instead of themselves in their ads! Instead of
having a low-markup line that is a cash-flow problem and huge expense, find one that
makes you instant profit and gives you another advantage over everyone else.
Stop letting the GIANT manufacturers USE the Salon Owners and Stylists who build
their brand, and then turn around and sell to non salon competitors like Costco,
Shoppers and pretend they don't know how the product got there.
It's the key to 3X their profit!

the minimum aim, though the better you can manage your salon finances,
the higher this can be.
Salon profit margin ranges from 2% to 17%

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Exclusively Found In Professional Salons


Eco Styling Spray


Good For Your Hair. Even Better For The Planet.

What Saijojo products DON'T contain is even more important than what's actually in them. No toxins such as PVP (plastic polymers) which can clog follicles. No fake colours or dye. Just gentle, natural ingredients that are easy on your scalp and the environment while making your hair look great!

  • Includes ​Camellia Seed Oil
  • Includes Flaxseed Oil
  • ​Includes B and E Vitamins
  • ​Includes Essential Oils

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